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Harriet Doerr Biography

(1910–2002), Stones for Ibarra, Consider This, Señora

American novelist, born in Pasadena, California. She resumed a discontinued education late in life, receiving a BA in history from Stanford University in 1977. Her first novel was the highly acclaimed and prize-winning Stones for Ibarra (1984); set in Mexico, which Doerr knows well, the novel tells the story of a couple's encounter with Latin American culture. The novel, which has been compared with the fiction of Marquez and K. A. Porter, is actually composed of linked stories, several of which adopt Mexican perspectives. Consider This, Señora (1994) similarly treats expatriates in Mexico; delicately lyrical, the novel is, however, more sustained and compelling than Doerr's first, guaranteeing her a place in America's expatriate tradition.

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