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Jerome Charyn Biography

(1937– ), Once Upon a Drosky, War Cries Over Avenue C, Panna Maria, Pinocchio's Nose

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American novelist, born and educated in New York, where he has set at least fifteen of his mythic, nightmarish novels, from Once Upon a Drosky (1964) to War Cries Over Avenue C (1985). In Panna Maria (1982) Manhattan is reminiscent of the archaic Poland of Isaac Bashevis Singer. Pinocchio's Nose (1983) deals with the same material in science fiction form. A sequence of linked detective novels, also set in New York, has been collected as The Isaac Quartet (1984), and Metropolis (1986) is a non-fiction analysis of the city. Other novels include American Scrapbook (1969), about the incarceration of Japanese-Americans in the Second World War; The Tar Baby (1973), a surreal parody of the groves-of-academe novel; The Franklin Scare (1977), an evocation of F. D. Roosevelt; and Darlin' Bill (1980), a fantasia on the imaginary West of Wild Bill Hickok.

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