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Ernest Buckler Biography

(1908–84), The Mountain and the Valley, Kunstlerroman, Ox Bells and Fireflies, The Cruelest Month

Canadian novelist, born in Dalhousie West, Nova Scotia, educated at Dalhousie University and the University of Toronto. His most famous work is his best-selling first novel, The Mountain and the Valley (1952), a seminal contribution to the literature of Maritime Canada. Told mainly in flashback, it is a Kunstlerroman which focuses on the figure of an unfulfilled artist and his romantic desire for a life beyond the farming community in which he grows up. Ox Bells and Fireflies (1968) is an imaginative memoir of Buckler's childhood, which celebrates a bygone rural era in a finely wrought style that links physical experiences and subjective speculation very effectively. Buckler also published a second novel, The Cruelest Month (1963); The Rebellion of Young David (1975), a collection of short stories; and Whirligig (1977), a book of humorous essays and poems.

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