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Evelyn Anthony Biography

(1928– ), Imperial Highness, Victoria, Elizabeth, Clandara, Assassin, The Poellenberg Inheritance, The Occupying Power

British novelist, born in London; she became a full-time writer in 1949. Among her early historical novels are Imperial Highness (1953), on the life of Catherine the Great; the treatments of British monarchs in Victoria (1959) and Elizabeth (1960); and Clandara (1963), which marked her work's departure from its firm grounding in historical fact. Assassin (1970), the first of her numerous thrillers in modern settings, was followed by The Poellenberg Inheritance (1972), The Occupying Power (1973), and The Grave of Truth (1979), each drawing on events in the Second World War. Her other publications include The Tamarind Seed (1971), which was made into a successful film, and No Enemy but Time (1987), centring on political tensions in Northern Ireland.

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