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Wiggins, Marianne

(US, 1947– )

Marianne Wiggins was born in Pennsylvania and has lived in Paris, Brussels, Rome, New York, and London. She was married for a while to the novelist Salman Rushdie. Her own writing is lyrical, erudite, and disturbing. John Dollar (1988) is about an English school-teacher widowed in the First World War, marooned with some pupils and the sailor John Dollar on a remote island. It is both a love-story and a tale of brutality. Eveless Eden (1995) tells the story of the passionate love-affair between Noah, a foreign correspondent, and Lilith, a professional photographer, against a backdrop of the world's trouble spots, with echoes of the myth of the Garden of Eden. Almost Heaven (1998) is also about a foreign correspondent who returns to America and meets Melanie, who is suffering from traumatic amnesia.

A. S. Byatt, William Golding, Martha Gellhorn  SA

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