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Walters, Minette

(British, 1949– )

Each of Minette Walters's books is an intricate and compelling psychological thriller which leaves the reader guessing right to the end. She creates credible and fascinating characters and although her novels are often situated in the English village they explore disturbing territory far removed from that of traditional crime novels. The central character of The Sculptress (1993) is Olive Martin, convicted of killing and cutting up her mother and sister. Journalist Roz Leigh begins to believe in her innocence and to campaign for her release. In The Ice House (1992) Walters explores guilt, innocence, and identity as a corpse discovered in the ice house leads to the reopening of an old case. The Scold's Bridle (1994) is a brilliant story which opens with the death of unpopular Mathilda Gillespie, found in her bath, wrists slit and wearing the scold's bridle over her mouth. Her considerable estate is to be left to Sarah Blakeney who believes Mathilda has been murdered.

Ruth Rendell, Frances Hegarty.


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