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Rodi, Robert

(US, 1956– )

Rodi is notable for the humorous lightness of touch and occasional farcicality with which he handles gay themes. Begin with Closet Case (1993), in which an advertising executive is leading a double life. Cowed into pretences of convention by homophobia in his workplace, he indulges in wild gay socializing by night. In Drag Queen (1995), the revelation that he has a twin brother throws a discreetly gay professional's life into chaos. His embarrassment that the twin is a drag artist fades as his perspectives broaden. Kept Boy (1997) is the story of a man in his thirties who has long been the companion of a Chicago theatrical impresario. Anxieties over age and identity beset the hero as he begins to suspect he is losing his charms.

Alan Hollinghurst, Michael Cunningham  DH

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