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Ingalls, Rachel

(US, 1940– )

Rachel Ingalls is best known as the author of short stories and novellas where elements of fantasy and psychological horror erupt into everyday lives. Mrs Caliban (1982) is a good starting-point, a compelling short novel in which an ordinary woman finds herself involved with a mysterious sea-creature as her life slips into fantasy. Theft (1970) centres on two men held in a prison cell during a violent social disturbance. Black Diamond (1992) is a collection of five novellas linked by themes of kinship: in Bud and Sis adopted children seek revenge on their blood parents, while in Be My Guest a girl befriends a boy who claims to be an adult trapped in a child's body. Ingalls's themes are often focused on repressed emotions, and the damage they return to inflict, and her stories use updated versions of parables to dramatize them.

Angela Carter, Patrick McGrath,

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