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Hines, Barry

(British, 1939– )

Barry Hines was born in (and later played football for) Barnsley, before attending Loughborough College of Education. He is best known for his novel A Kestrel for a Knave (1968), retitled Kes in 1974 when it was reprinted and filmed by Ken Loach. It tells the story of Billy Casper, a boy from a deprived working-class background, whose relationship with his pet hawk gives his life meaning. Hines's earlier novel, Blinder (1966), is also about a working-class boy, but one who is given an opportunity to train as a professional footballer. The Gamekeeper (1975) has an older protagonist but also focuses on class issues. In Elvis over England (1998) Hines writes on a more comic note, in a novel which is warm-hearted, readable, and in places very funny. He also writes original TV drama (including the award-winning Threads) and has adapted his novels to film (Looks and Smiles, 1981).

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