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Allbeury, Ted

(British, 1917– )

An intelligence officer during the Second World War, Allbeury worked in advertising before becoming a writer of spy thrillers in the 1970s. Begin with All Our Tomorrows (1982). Its depiction of Britain after a Soviet invasion draws on the preoccupation with the cold war which is evident in much of his fiction. A Wilderness of Mirrors (1988) deals with strategic exploitation of extra-sensory perception. MI6 and the CIA attempt to kidnap a young East German neurologist who has developed paranormal abilities while working on secret Soviet research into ESP. Germany in the period immediately after the cold war is the setting for much of The Long Run (1996). The secret services of Europe and America are confronted with threats of political upheaval as neo-Nazis and other extremists attempt to exploit the new situation.

Len Deighton, John le Carré.


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