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Stuttgart (pop. 583,700), capital of Baden-Württemberg, a state in southwest Germany. Stuttgart is a major governing, industrial, and cultural center in West Germany. Once the capital of the Württemberg kingdom, Stuttgart is situated on the Neckar River, in a rich farm and vineyard region. Besides producing wines and fruits, Stuttgart manufactures automobiles, machines, precision instruments, tools, computers, musical instruments, beer, and paper. It has more than 200 publishing houses. A powerful manufacturing center, Stuttgart was severely bombed by the Allies during World War II; it has since been rebuilt. Some of the many historic buildings in Stuttgart are notable for their fine architecture. Two examples are the Old Palace, which was built in the Renaissance style, and the New Palace, which was built in the baroque and rococo styles; both were the homes of rulers of Württemberg. Stuttgart is culturally active with museums and an opera house, as well as schools for art, architecture, and music.

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