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House of Stuart

Stuart, House of, royal family of Scotland (1371–1714)and England (1603–1714). The first Stuart king, Robert II (r. 1371–90) was a hereditary steward of Scotland whose father had married a daughter of Robert the Bruce. A descendant, James IV (r. 1488–1513), married Margaret, daughter of Henry VII of England (r. 1567–1625). Their grandson, James VI (r. 1603–25), became James I of England. Between 1603 and 1714, six Stuarts ruled: James I, his son Charles I (r. 1625–49), Charles II (r. 1660–85), James II (deposed 1688), Mary II, wife of William III (r. 1689–94), and Anne (1702–14).

See also: Scotland.

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