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Computer Privacy Screen

How to Shop for a Computer Privacy Screen

A computer privacy screen, also known as a computer privacy filter, is a device made to protect the information or images on your computer screen from unwanted, prying eyes. At the same time, these screens are designed to protect you from excess glare from the screen, and they are designed to protect the screen from outside damage.

Privacy has become a large concern in the computer age because more personal information is being archived digitally. Once it was a simple matter to put private documents or picture in a box hidden in the closet or even in a personal safe. Today, different means are needed to protect digitally-displayed information. A computer privacy screen protects you by concealing the contents of your computer screen. Also, the reduction in glare that a computer privacy screen lends has shown to reduce headaches and eye fatigue for people who are required to stare at a computer monitor for lengths of time. A computer privacy screen protects a monitor because it physically covers the monitor screen. This means any fingerprints, smudges, dust, or scratches are transferred only to the low-cost privacy screen and not directly to the monitor.

Most computer privacy screens are easily adjustable and fit right over the monitor in the same frame. The screens come pre-cut in a variety of sizes specially made for one of the four types of screens: CRT monitors, LCD monitors, laptop monitors, or mobile device screens. Computer privacy screens also come is a couple of different styles. The most popular style distorts images when viewed from any angle not direct-on. Other styles offer black-out protection by dimming the screen when viewed at an angle. The sharper the angle, the darker the screen.

Computer privacy screens can be very affordable, but shopping around provides prices from $20 to $150. 3M is the leading brand of screens, but also the most expensive. Lesser-priced screens can offer the same protection, but it is necessary they have the proper size.

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