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Finding the Best Ecommerce Web Hosting Solution

In today’s business world, anyone without a website puts themselves at a serious disadvantage. Other entrepreneurs don’t even have a traditional store in their business plan and will rely solely on the internet. Internet sales, however, create a whole new set of challenges that many business owners are not prepared for. Setting up a successful ecommerce website can be a difficult endeavor. Very few can set up a winning website by themselves.

Some businesses opt for hiring an in-house team of web-developers to create and maintain the website. This ecommerce web hosting solution is prohibitively costly for small businesses. So, even if a small business has equal access to the internet and web space, it can be costly to hire people who know what to do with it. Even many mid-size businesses have abandoned their in-house ecommerce web hosting services for third-party hosting specialists.

A quick search of the internet will discover numerous ecommerce web hosting solutions available. These companies make it simple for even a one-person operation to gain an effective web presence. The best companies offering ecommerce web hosting solutions use their hardware and software resources and their experience with web design and creation to make ecommerce websites affordable and efficient.

Companies specializing in ecommerce web hosting services offer several different packages depending on the needs of the business. Prices start low enough for anyone to afford and go up depending on the optional features and bandwidth needed.

Here are some of the best ecommerce web hosting solution companies:

• InMotion Hosting (www.inmotionhosting.com) – InMotion plans begin at $6.95 per month and offer support for a number of shopping carts, or a free shopping cart service for those just beginning. This is best for intermediate to advanced users and is made for moderate to high traffic and volume.

• JustHost (www.Justhost.com) – Just Host is easy to use and guarantees 99.9% uptime on all hosted sites. Each package offers unlimited bandwidth, disk space, domain hosting, email accounts, and databases.

• HostMySite (www.hosting.com/hosting) – This is a highly professional ecommerce web hosting service. Entry-level services are higher priced, but also of higher quality.

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