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Ethernet Cable Splitter

How to Make an Ethernet Splitter

Ethernet connections are considered one of the fastest ways to connect a computer to the internet through a modem or router. An Ethernet cable is similar in appearance to a telephone line; a slight variation in size is the only difference between the two. If multiple computers are needed to be connected to the internet and only one Ethernet plug is available, an Ethernet splitter is required.

An Ethernet splitter works by plugging into a modem or router and having two separate ports on the opposite side, allowing multiple computers access to the same port. For individuals who frequently switch cables between machines, this will save an immense amount of time.

For those who do not have the money to purchase an Ethernet splitter, there is a way to make one at home. This takes some time, special tools and a basic knowledge of wiring. A crimping tool, two RJ5 keystone jacks, Ethernet cable, super glue and electrical tape will be needed to make one.

First, crimp one end of the Ethernet cable with the crimping tool, exposing the ends of the wire inside. Leave one end of the cable with the Ethernet end attached.

Next, open the RJ45 keystone jacks. Most jacks snap open and close.

The next step is to place the wires into the pins on the jacks in the following order:

First Jack:

Pin 1 – white and orange wire.
Pin 2 – orange wire.
Pin 3 – white and green wire.
Pin 6 – green wire.

Second Jack:

Pin 1 – white and blue wire.
Pin 2 – blue wire.
Pin 3 – white and brown wire.
Pin 6 – brown wire.

Finally, use the super glue to glue the jacks together. Snap the tops of the jacks closed and wrap electrical tape around any wires left exposed. After plugging the splitter into the Ethernet port in the modem or router and plugging Ethernet cable into the splitters and the computers, the project is finished.

Creating an Ethernet splitter is a fairly simple project that requires minimal tooling. Although Ethernet splitters can be purchased for a minor cost, individuals with the tools available can build one in less than half an hour and save a few dollars in the process.

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