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Laser Ink Cartridges

How To Decrease The Cost of Laser Ink Cartridges

Many home and office printers use laser ink cartridges, as they provide a fast yet high quality way to print. However, laser printer ink cartridges can be quite costly, especially color cartridges. As such, every computer user looks for ways to decrease his or her costs by cutting the cost of ink. There are several great ways to accomplish this.

First of all, it’s best for the environment to cut down on your actual ink usage, and it’s often very easy to do so with a few quick steps. If you’ve been using high quality print modes, try switching your default settings to “draft,” which will use much less ink, print very quickly, and look virtually the same for standard black and white documents.

You should look at each individual document before you print it, and be a little inventive when coming up with ways to reduce your prints every day. For instance, if you print a lot of text from websites, always copy the text from the website into a word processor, such as your computer’s Notepad or Wordpad. This will allow you to cut out extra text and pictures, control the font, and avoid accidentally printing out pages of ads. A single laserjet ink cartridge will last much longer if you’re able to take a little control over your printing habits.

Once you’re using less ink, you should look for great deals on laserjet ink cartridges. Regardless of which printer you use, you can cut down greatly on your costs by looking online and comparing cartridge prices from as many websites as possible. Be sure to always take shipping costs into account, especially when ordering large cartridges (such as the laser ink toner cartridges designed for office printers).

If you find a great deal, order several laser printer ink cartridges at one time. This will help you to further cut your costs, and it’s a great idea if you use a lot of ink. Many offices order several dozen laser ink cartridges at one time. However, keep in mind that laser ink cartridges have expiration dates. When a laser ink cartridge expires, it won’t print well, and ink can bunch up on the print heads, causing jams and other issues. You certainly won’t want to buy too many cartridges, or they could expire before you get a chance to use them.

By conserving ink and looking online for deals, you can make your laser printer ink cartridges a much smaller part of your computer budget. Try to adopt good printing habits, and the money that you’ll save will be a worthy reward.

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