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Computer Corner Desks

The Advantages a Computer Corner Desk

With the revolution of the home PC, desks have evolved to cope with computing needs. It is not uncommon to find features built into desks which are geared specifically toward the efficient and tidy occupancy of computers and their peripherals. One of the most convenient and space-saving solutions to storing a computer on a desk in a home office setting is the corner desk.

There are several advantages of corner-sitting computer desks. The first advantage is the ability to have easy-to-access table space on either side of the monitor and keyboard. A straight desk offers space, but the user has to lean, stretch, or move the seat to use this extra table space. A corner desk eliminates this problem by providing wraparound space – a simple swivel chair allows easy access to papers, scanners, printers, or even other computers. Multitasking becomes simple with a corner computer desk.

The second major advantage is that a corner desk situates a monitor such that it is not parallel or perpendicular to any of the walls in a room. Because the monitor always faces the opposite corner of a room, there is very little chance of a window creating excessive glare on the screen. Glare can cause eye fatigue and headaches and will ruin a gaming experience. A corner desk will help to eliminate this.

A third advantage is that a corner desk provides much more foot room than a conventional straight desk. As opposed to having the width of the desk as foot room, the user of a corner desk has the whole corner. This extra space is also useful for housing other computing elements such as a subwoofer, an uninterruptible power supply, or network attached storage. This extra space can also be used to keep normally unwieldy cords at bay. Furthermore, the corner allows computer cables to hang freely as opposed to a straight desk where they are often pinched between the wall and the desk or stuffed into a small, ragged hole.

A fourth and entertaining advantage is simply that surround sound works much better with corner desks than with straight desks. Speakers for the front, sides, and rear can be placed into the same piece of furniture, often eliminating the need for external stands and other speaker holding equipment. Many corner desks even feature felt-covered boxes with Velcro sides for use with speakers. Channels for cables are also commonplace.

Whether the desk needs to contain a printer, scanner, and fax machine for an office or a library of computer games and surround sound for an entertainment center, a corner desk is an elegant solution for any room with a corner. With copious quantities of foot space and an accessible desktop, a corner desk is sure to please.

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