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Fax To Email Free - Are Fax to Email Free Services Right for You - The Benefits of Free Email Fax Services, Be Careful of Hidden Charges

Free Internet Fax Services You Can Use for Frequent Faxing

Everyone needs to send a fax to someone occasionally. Do you really want to take on the expense of a fax machine for the few faxes you need to send? You can always use a copy service and pay up to $5 per page to send your fax. In a pinch you can take advantage of the free email to fax services available. If you have to send several faxes however, these programs can end up costing you more than the machine you are avoiding buying.

The Benefits of Free Email Fax Services

If you do not have to send a lot of faxes, you can take advantage of free fax to email programs. Most of these programs allow you to send a few faxes per day for free. Some even allow unlimited faxes if you do not mind sponsors’ ads on your cover sheets.

The main benefit of using these programs is the ability to send faxes anywhere in the US, and in some cases the world, without incurring the expense of a fax machine. You simply scan your document into the computer or type it in the program and you can send your fax from the comfort of your computer chair. Just like a fax cover sheet you type in the number you are faxing to and the subject. You can even type an introductory paragraph in onto the coversheet before sending it.

You will also receive a free fax to email number to give to your family, friends and business associates to send faxes to you. When you receive a fax to the number, you will receive an email indicating you have a fax. The fax will be saved in wither PDF format or an image format you can open and view.

Be Careful of Hidden Charges

There are several sites which offer email to fax for free; however, you need to watch out for hidden fees from some providers. FaxZero does let you send faxes for free. With this service your faxes will be received in either DOC or PDF files. It is free to send faxes to anywhere in the US or Canada. The catch is you can only send 2 free faxes per day. To help pay for the service, your fax cover sheets will have ads from sponsors of the company. If you send more than the two faxes per day you will be charged for the additional faxes.

FreeFax is another program which allows you to send faxes free. The free service on this site allows you to send unlimited free faxes. You need to watch out because this service is only available in certain area codes. You can also send faxes to several foreign countries through this service. Like the FaxZero service, the majority of your cover page will includes words from their sponsors.

K7 is a messaging service which also offers a fax to email free service. K7 is a voice messaging system which takes messages receives and sends them to your email address with an option to either listen or read them. You can also receive faxes through this service via the web.

Faxing to email is a great service if you are looking to send a few faxes out per month. If you are looking for a business fax service, you should either purchase a fax machine or spend the money on one of the pay fax services offered online.

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