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Free 0845 Numbers - Free 0845 Numbers Give Small Business the Big Business Advantage - Why Choose a Free 0845 Number for Your Business

Using 0845 Numbers to Allow Customers from Around the Country to Call for One Rate

Small business owners need to be able to be reached by telephone whenever a customer calls. Free 0845 numbers gives business owners a nationally recognized number that can be redirected to a home, and in some cases a cell, phone. 0845 numbers help small businesses look bigger and more professional. In most cases, these numbers are free to set up and businesses have the option of choosing the number and diverting calls to any number. This is an easy way for businesses to stay plugged into their customer base while starting a new venture.

Why Choose a Free 0845 Number for Your Business

Businesses need a number that can be called from anywhere in the country and is affordable. 0845 numbers gives businesses the ability to choose a number that can be called from any region in the UK. In addition, people only incur the standard local call rate when they call an 0845 number.

In addition, advertisements will look more professional with a business number than a home number or cell number. This makes small businesses larger and more professional in the eyes of the customer. The more professional a business looks, the more likely it will generate business.

0845 numbers are also easier to remember and appeal to people on a national level. Unlike local home numbers, people from all over the UK will contact someone who has a 0845 number. They are also more likely to remember the number, as 0845 is a national known prefix.

Advantages of 0845 Numbers

One of the main advantages of using a 0845 number is businesses can keep the same number even when they relocate to a new office. For a small fee, most companies will redirect the number to any location. For new businesses, this means when they find a location, they can simply have the number transferred to the new location. That means they are less likely to lose customers when they relocate.

0845 numbers will also allow businesses to track their customer’s calls via the online interface. When businesses sign onto this interface, they can find out where the calls originated. This can help a marketing plan a great deal. When there is an increase in calls from one area in the UK, more ads can be targeted to that area. Thus, businesses can spend their marketing money wisely and generate more business.

0845 Numbers are giving small businesses the opportunity they need to succeed. With little or no start up costs, businesses can enjoy a number which can instantly increase their customer base and allow them to generate sales.

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