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Cheap Business Class Flights

Amenities on board cheap business class flights

The first business class seats were offered by Qantas in 1979. Airlines typically offer three levels of travel classes: first class, business class and economy class (commonly called “Coach”). With wealthier travelers preferring charter planes, business class rates have slashed. Airlines offer competitive rates with world class services so travelers can easily find cheap business class flights.

Business class is typically available on larger aircraft for long flights, including international business travel. Domestic flights in the U.S. are typically limited to coach class and first class only.

Business class passengers are offered exclusivity and economy class passengers are not allowed to visit the business class. The facilities offered to business class travelers vary across all airlines.

Passengers also have a separate check in and boarding area. Food can be ordered through a menu and served on porcelain plates. Drinks are free although the price is factored into the ticket price.
Business class seats in long haul flights include cradle seats with 160 degrees recline, angled lie-flat seats with 180 degrees recline to provide a flat sleeping surface and fully flat seats that recline to a flat sleeping surface that is parallel to the floor. The exact name used for business class is different in all airlines. For example: Cathay Pacific calls it business class while Jetstar Airways promotes it as their Star Class.

According to a 2008 article in New York Times, experts argue that airlines are responsible for the reduction in the demand for first class seats after they launched business class. Since the facilities are almost the same, like separate check-in and larger seats, airlines cannot justify the high cost difference between both the classes.

Business class flights typically offer the following benefits:
1. Separate check in and boarding area with facilities such as five star seating and bathrooms, wine bars and dining.
2. Dedicated check in allows passengers to check in 90 minutes prior to the flight through the business check in.
3. Onboard facilities may include sky beds, cocktails, night lights, back massage, folio storage, laptop power outlet and even a shoe compartment.
4. Dining menus designed by world class chefs such as multi-course dinners as opposed to express meals served to economy class passengers. However, the meals offered in business class may not be as elaborate as those in first class.
5. Entertainment facilities include personal telephones and touch screen LCD displays.
6. Personal hygiene kits for men and women including eye masks, socks and ear plugs.
7. Upon arrival, business class passengers leave the aircraft first and their bags are the first to arrive for collection.
8. Meeting rooms and conference facilities in the boarding area which are fully equipped with projectors and teleconferencing equipment and also include breakout areas.
9. Complimentary wine and beer.

Travelers can find cheap business class flights during off season and also when making a booking 1-3 months in advance.

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