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Wood Office Chairs - Wood Office Chairs - Wood Office Chairs

Pros and Cons

Despite heightened needs for care and maintenance, wood office chairs provide a stylish choice for any office.

The “Banker’s Chair” is one of the primary models of wood office chair, which serves as an excellent touchstone for understanding the role it can serve in the office. Wood office chairs are among the most stylish of guest chairs, ideal for small, in-house meetings. Unlike upholstered armchairs, wood office chairs are easy to convert to other uses—savvy decorators can easily wed them to desks and tables without their looking out of place.

The greatest problem with wood chairs, as with most wood furniture, is that they do not wear damage well. Rocking back on two legs quickly exhausts them, while small scratches tend to stand out rather than fading into the background. Depending on the layout and traffic of your office, this may or may not be an issue. Also, try to keep them out of direct sunlight, as this will eventually warp the wood and rob it off its luster.

Upkeep can also be an issue for wood office chairs, particularly antique ones. To keep them looking beautiful, they should be dusted weekly and polished about once a month, or twice a month during the summer months as air conditioning starts to absorb their moisture. A healthy wooden chair looks shiny and vibrant, and certain woods can be polished so illustriously that they can double as mirrors.

The pay-offs for these investment are high. Wood is hypoallergenic, which can help create a clean and healthy office environment. Furthermore, wood is a classy design choice, particularly when it complements other wooden furniture. In terms of design, wood can be carved far more elegantly than upholstery, and certain pieces are as much works of art as they are practical pieces of furniture.

Antique or new, a wood office chair is a sound investment that can add a touch of class to an office. Whether for personal use or an actual business, they are always worth consideration.

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