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How To Build Website

How to Build Your Own WebsiteIntroduction, Defining Your Goals, Finding and Registering a Domain Name

Have you been wondering how to build your own website without spending a fortunate on a web designer? If so, here are 10 steps to follow, which will help you to deliver your message successfully and operate an efficient business online without hurting your pocketbook.

Defining Your Goals

Many people fail in their attempt to launch a successful website because they forget to initiate this one important step. What is the purpose of your website? Is it a personal blog? An online business? A website to promote your existing business? This goal will guide all of your other website building decisions.

Before getting started on building your own website, grab a pencil and sheet of paper and jot down the structure of your website. Which pages will be most important? What will be on your homepage? How to navigate the site? Once a clear picture of your site is conceivable, it will be a lot easier to know how to build your own website.

Finding and Registering a Domain Name

Do you have a name for your website? A domain name is your home address and having a good one is essential to the success of your website. It should be unique, creative and attractive but even more importantly, it should be available. Nothing like coming up with a million dollar idea only to discover its being used by someone else. Also, using .com should be your extension of choice, if you truly want to be worldwide.

Getting Your Domain Name Hosted

Web hosting is in abundance online and finding one that meets your needs shouldn’t be an issue. This is where you get a service provider to store your content on a web server in order to reveal your pages to the world of web browsing. There are many options to choose from in the web hosting industry; however, if you looking for total control of your site then you definitely want a personal hosting plan. One thing for certain, hosting can be cheap, expensive or free, it’s your choice. Most service providers offer the choice of Linux or Windows web servers in their package plans, which include domain registration.

If you’re looking for web hosting with site builder capabilities, like easy-to-use site building software, be sure to check what your host provides. Some web hosts’s site building tools are relatively spartan, while others are designed with the non-technical user in mind.

Creation Platform for Publishing

We’ve all heard the phrase “What You See Is What You Get” before, but did we know that the letters WYSIWYG are quite popular when it comes to knowing how to build a website. In fact, it’s highly recommended for beginners as opposed to using HTML. The WYSIWYG platform can be use to build quality and professional-looking sites without the complication of HTML. You also have the option of choosing between offline and online platforms.
These are just the first steps in learning how to build your own website; however, they are enough to get you up and running.

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