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Asp Web Host

What is ASP? How is an ASP SQL hosting different from other web site hosting? How do I choose an ASP web site host?

Good questions! ASP is an acronym for Active Service Page. This “active” refers to dynamic interactive web site pages which change depending upon visitor input and actions. Active Service Page code can be integrated into any web site and used to link a database with the web pages. Visitors and users of the web site can then log on with their own user names and passwords and click or type to interact with the site. This will facilitate placing orders and the information they wish to input regarding themselves or their service or product needs. ASP web site hosts support the ASP coding and the interactive nature of that coding. HTML based pages have embedded ASP code that allows the users to place and retrieve database information. ASP site hosting is done by an ASP.Net host, which may, by using SQL code, essentially be ASP SQL hosting by integrating SQL code into the pages.

When a visitor inputs a web address into the search line, the web browser sends it as standard HTML, but returns files from the ASP hosting server with the HTML code run first and then the ASP code immediately after. The ASP web host thus offers ASP site hosting as ASP SQL hosting via an ASP hosting server through the use of SQL code. Programming languages including SQL, Java, or HTML code can be used to make the ASP web site pages dynamic or interactive. The ASP code will transmit from the ASP hosting server any components that change frequently for each visitor, such as time, date, or visitor specific information.

The origin and development of ASP was via Microsoft, and it is a Windows based coding system. The original ASP language is now referred to as Classic ASP. It has been replaced with ASP.net, the most recent version. Programmers who write ASP code usually use VBScript, but other scripts such as JScript, ECMAScript or PerlScript may also be used. Web pages with the file extension “.asp” are ASP pages. Microsoft has a free Active Server Pages Tutorial, with two Modules. The first module addresses writing and running ASP, sending information with forms, creating a guest book, and displaying an Excel spreadsheet using ASP coding. The second module covers how to randomly rotate information and how to use a page counter to keep track of visitors. Both modules present sample coding to achieve the stated page elements. If more on ASP is what you need, you can also go to James Atkinson’s book, Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0. Books such as Atkinson’s will help to familiarize you with the ASP code and interactive characteristics.

Factors that you should consider when choosing an ASP web host are the amount of space your web site will consume of your hard drive, how much traffic you think your web site will experience, and whether the customer and technical service provided by the ASP web site host is readily available and thoroughly knowledgeable. In addition, good ASP hosting servers providing ASP SQL hosting offer unlimited disk space, domains, emails, and databases. They also have a solid record of staying on uptime almost 100%. No one wants ASP web site hosting that is down too often or for too long each time it goes down. After all, you chose ASP hosting for the interactivity. If the site is down, there will be no activity or interactivity at all; it will be down. The ease of creating page content and modifying it is definitely important, since a going business cannot afford wasted time struggling with pages that are difficult to create and update. Finally, the price is an issue that enters into the selection of an ASP web site host. Prices can range from $4 per month to upwards of $10 per month. Remember that more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

Customer and technical service is very important in choosing an ASP web site host. Call them before making the agreement for hosting and ask them a few technical questions or service questions. Listen carefully to the way in which they handle your queries. Are they getting the point of your questions? Are they friendly and knowledgeable, as well as courteous and efficient? Do they have good trouble shooting strategies? How do they attempt to resolve uncertainties and reservations you may have regarding the ASP web hosting arrangement? Do they take the time to explain how to manage your ASP web site or do they just refer you to a manual or shuffle you to other departments? If the ASP web site host passes all these tests, then it is the one you should select for your site.

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