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Smead File Folders - Smead File Folders for Every Taste and Situation

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The Smead Manufacturing Company was founded in 1906 in Hastings, Minnesota with six employees crafting their single product – the bandless file. The business was acquired by the Hoffman family ten years later, and in 1955, became an all-woman-owned business. Today, Smead claims to have 4,999 products and is the premier document organization solutions company in the world. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a single office anywhere in the world without a set of Smead file folders.

Smead file folders come in 30 different varieties to give every business a specialty product that will best suit their document organization needs. Tabbed folders and color-coded systems are some of the most popular. The following are the Smead folders currently offered by the company:

• SuperTab – Smead SuperTab folders use a 90% larger labeling tab than the competitors. They are available in manila and an assortment of colors, including red, yellow, green, blue, and pastels.

• Employee Record File Folder – This new Smead folder product is suited for keeping confidential employee records. A pertinent information form is printed directly on the folder, and it is reversible so the information can be on the outside or hidden on the inside.

• 100% Recycled Colored Folders – For the office that prides itself on being green and maintaining a small carbon footprint, Smead file folders come in this 100% recycled paper varieties. These top-tab style folders come in red, blue, green, and yellow.

• Pocket File Folders – Pocket file folders are perfect for sensitive documents that are transported a lot. Inside back-panel pockets are the full-width of the folder and keep all documents secure so they don’t accidentally fall out. They are available in assorted colors.

• Notes Folder – Notes folders offer a pre-printed, lined writing area on the front of the folders to eliminate messy notes or sticky notes. They are available in assorted colors and come in packs of 24.

• Poly Color-Coded File Folder – These Smead file folders are made of a durable plastic to resist tears and dampness. They have a clear front panel and translucent colored top tabs.

• Organizer Folder – A divided organizer folder is a good way to keep multiple documents separate when they are related to the same project. The folder contains four individual sections that expand to 3/4-inch in depth. They are available in manila or colors.

• Antimicrobial Folders – These standard file folders are treated with product made to resist bacteria and molds.

• Pocket Folders – Smead pocket folders have a die-cut pocket made to hold CD/DVD media or anything else of a similar size.

• Manila Folders with Printed Project Grid – These manila folders have a pre-printed, vertical project grid on the inside for organized, hand-written notes. These folders also come with “Viewables” labels for better organizing.

• Manila Report Folder – These folders are made for large-sized project reports that do not fit easily into standard-size folders. They have three panels, one of which has a metal-band fastener so reports can be affixed.

• Pressboard Folder – This tough and heavy material is made to protect documents in the roughest of environment. Great for factories, warehouses, and construction sites. They come in standard gray/green or assorted colors.

• Kraft Folder – Kraft stock is heavier and more durable than the standard 11-point manila folders. These are great for files that are accessed frequently.

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