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Surveillance Video System

Gone are the clunky old cameras and videotape recorders of an old-style video surveillance system. New cameras are small, can see in the dark with built-in infrared light emitters, and what the camera sees is now recorded as digital video on digital video recorders. A digital video surveillance system is available as an out-of the-box system with several cameras included, or as a professionally installed system designed to meet the specific needs of the property and buildings. Systems can be as basic as an intercom camera to see who is at the front door to something more involved such as whole house or business monitoring of every room and corridor.

Most criminals are opportunistic by nature and will avoid plying their criminal trade in areas where there is an active video surveillance system. A good system can even keep the mostly honest people honest because if they know they are being monitored, the behavior then falls in line. Surveillance cameras can even be hidden. The popular nanny cam that keeps an eye on babysitters has saved many a child from an abusive caregiver. Cameras are small enough now to be hidden in a writing pen, a child’s toy or in smoke alarms.

Most new cameras and recorders operate using radio waves to create a wireless video surveillance system. This makes it easy to watch what is going on all over a property from a single monitoring location without the need to run hundreds or even thousands of feet of cable. A wireless system is also of great benefit if the monitoring location would need to be moved to another room or floor. Just move the recorder, video monitor and receiver. No need to run new cables.

Every residential home should have at least a camera at the entrances to the home. Businesses should at a minimum have a camera monitoring an area of potential high cost asset loss as well as any public or employees entrance. Most modern systems accept more cameras as needs arise or finances allow. Some specialty cameras are capable of seeing long distances in the dark using high-powered LED infrared emitters that put out light that the camera can see but humans cannot. A dark area can be monitored as if it is in bright daylight without the need for bright lights that can bother neighbors.

A properly installed surveillance video system can provide early warning, deter criminal activity and even allow for the identification of criminals if a crime should occur. Modern digital video recorders attached to the cameras are capable of storing an incredible amount of recorded video surveillance with some capable of storing a year’s worth of monitoring from multiple cameras before needing to have some files erased.

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