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Affordable Help Desk Web Software Solutions

For many small businesses, getting a website online is a challenge in itself. The idea of adding extra features, such as help desk web software to handle incoming trouble tickets from customers, seems like something that will not only be complicated but also put some serious pressure on the company’s limited budget. However, providing a help desk interface for customers to use does not have to be expensive. There are several inexpensive or even free software applications to run an online help desk.

Kayako is an affordable solution that is easy to set up. Its features include a ticket support system, desktop ticket alerts and e-mail management. It also includes contact management and task management features. For a regular license, the cost is $29.95 per month, or you can upgrade to SupportSuite, which includes a live chat interface, for $10 per month extra.

Hesk is a free help desk web software program that allows website owners to set up a help desk on their sites. Features include the ability for customers to submit tickets, attach files, receive e-mail notification when a reply is posted and rate the response they receive from customer service. The software also includes the ability to build a knowledgebase that customers can search for answers to frequently asked questions. Other features include the ability to assign tickets to specific staff members, receive notification of new tickets and automatically send canned responses. If you want to remove the “Powered by” links that appear in the free version, you can purchase a license for a one-time fee of $39.95.

H2desk offers a ticket-based customer support solution that can be hosted either on their servers or the customer’s own website, depending on the plan. The $5/month one man show plan and the $19/month small plan are both hosted through h2desk. You can’t use your own domain or host the software on your own server with these plans. This solution is for businesses whose owners don’t want to have to deal with setting up software on their web server. However, the solo plan is limited to 1 staff member using the software and the small plan is limited to 3 staff members.

For small businesses that would like to offer a more interactive way for customers to request help, these help desk web software solutions offer an affordable way to set up a ticket system on the company’s website. Having a ticket-based system makes your business look more professional and gives customers and staff members an easy way to interact in order resolve issues with orders.

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