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Web Crm Software

The Business Benefits of Web CRM Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an integrated package of tools designed to facilitate inter-departmental communications while improving the overall customer experience from order entry through delivery.

Originally accessible only to multinational companies due to cost entry barriers, CRM web based software packages are available to small businesses in a variety of configurations that can be tailored to the specific requirements of any sized company.

CRM Modules

Every customer relationship CRM includes the following elements:

  • Operational CRM: At the heart of any CRM system is the operational module. Detailed data on customer transactions, communications and contacts are disseminated to both front and back office employees. This allows for consistency in customer interaction across all departments such as order entry, support, sales and marketing.
  • Analytical CRM: The analytical CRM uses information gathered through the operational module to categorize and analyze customers while identifying sales opportunities and methods to enhance customer service. As the operational module builds data, the analytical module will continue to provide more refined and precise analytics and evaluations.
  • Collaborative: The collaborative CRM facilitates enhanced communication between operational components, data and employees to help serve clients more efficiently. This integration of customer interaction with different modes of communication presents a more reliable and targeted approach to customers through the sales, order entry, delivery and warranty process.

CRM Objectives

The fundamental objective of web CRM software is to improve the customer experience and focus the company’s efforts in the following areas:

  • Sales: Process management for sales creates a comprehensive view of customer buying patterns, communications and additional business opportunities. Integration with sales and service modules can result in more profitable and productive relationships and ensure consistency in the sales process
  • Service: Implementation of the customer service module includes a fully functional contact center platform that allows CSR’s to share vital information with other departments. Complete analytic reports eliminate bottlenecks across different divisions, and auto-resolution functions address potential problems before they reach the crisis stage.
  • Marketing: Buyer trends are tracked in real time and disseminated through cross channel communications resulting in cost reductions and more effective use of manpower and funding. Targeting of potential markets becomes more accurate with the use of auto-segmentation tools.

Web CRM Software

The leading provider of CRM solutions is Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These powerful applications are available in either web based or on premise environments and can be purchased or leased. The CRM can be customized to accommodate a variety of price entry points and is highly scalable to accommodate future growth.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM utilizes the highly familiar Windows operating environment as well as SQL server data base platforms and has been tested with 100,000 users running concurrently.

Online CRM software is available in a variety of configurations including basic free packages such as SaasLight, through more advanced and customizable products from Sage and NetSuite. The level of detail, analytics and scalability is limited only by budget and the ability of the company to properly utilize the information.

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