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Free E Fax

How To Use A Free E Fax Service

Not many home computer users have a fax machine at their disposal, and as more and more homes use cell phones and digital lines, it’s becoming quite hard to even find a place to hook up a traditional fax machine. The good news is that there are several websites that allow users to fax online free of charge, and these services require nothing more than a basic computer.

To use a free e fax service, a user simply loads the webpage of the service in a normal Internet browser. Free Internet faxes can be sent by loading a document or image from your computer; you simply browse your computer to select the file, and then input the number where you’d like the fax to be sent. Some services will send the fax immediately, while others may take several minutes or even a few hours to send the free fax. Most e fax free services will notify a user when a fax has been successfully sent.

There are some limitations for free e fax services. Some document and image types cannot be sent. Most services will allow standard Microsoft documents (extension .doc or .wpd) and standard images (.jpg), but they may not allow more complex images or documents. Common file types that are rarely supported by fax online free services include .GIF and Open Office documents. These files must be converted before they can be sent. Conversion services can be found for free online.

Many free fax Internet-based services will put an advertisement along with their users’ faxes. This advertisement allows the fax service to make money off of each fax without charging. However, they can be somewhat annoying. Unfortunately, unless you’re willing to pay a nominal fee, sending a fax without such an advertisement will be next to impossible. The good news is that these ads are typically only one page, and for most typical fax usages, they’re not a big deal. If you’re worried about looking unprofessional, you may want to find a website that charges a few cents per fax to avoid an ad-laden cover page.

Free e fax services often limit their users to one free fax per day or per hour. This is to prevent overuse of their servers, which could result in abuse, and also works as an incentive to get home and office computer users to purchase a pay Internet fax service. Pay services vary greatly, but in general they rely on per-fax rates as opposed to monthly subscriptions.

Before using a free e fax service, make sure that the website is well known and secure. Avoid giving your credit card or personal information to these services unless they have SSL certification, and carefully read the fine print on every page before clicking through or agreeing to any terms. Free e fax services are a very valuable tool, and a great way to avoid buying a fax machine or driving down to a local shipping store every time you need to make a fax.

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