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Bush Corner Desk

All About Bush Corner Desks

Bush Industries are known for manufacture of easy-to-assemble furniture, which is designed for both home and office use. Although they manufacture a number of chairs, home entertainment cabinets, tables and bookshelves, one of their biggest sellers is the desk, specifically corner desks. Corner desks are designed to be flush with the corner of a room, ensuring that they make the most of limited space. They are extremely popular in small and home offices, since they can easily be taken to and then assembled in any bedroom, spare room or small office.

Bush has been in the furniture business for decades and has studied market demand in order to produce the sort of corner desks that their customers need most. Almost all of the popular models are specifically designed to accommodate computers, coming with specific storage areas, hutches and doors for proper storage of computers. Certain models are even modular, allowing for additional shelving or desk space to be added at a later time. Designed with technology in mind, they offer many means of moving and installing wires, as well as ample room on the back and sides for outlets. Made of high-quality particle board, Bush corner desks are not only attractive and practical, they are very affordable as well.

Currently, most of Bush’s corner desks are manufactured under the “Vantage” label. The design is limited but practical, and there are many options in terms of the color and finish. All Bush desks are coated with a special water-resistant finish so that coffee cups and drink glasses will not destroy the particle board or permit the entry of liquids and mildew spores. This not only ensures that the desks retain their attractive appearance for years to come, it ensures that they will not rot or become havens for mold growth, both reasons that inexpensive, prefabricated desks often end up being discarded. Their rugged construction, combined with ease of assembly, makes them ideal for both home and corporate offices. They tend to cost under $200, although bulk purchases and special deals may bring the price down to $130.

Bush corner desks are available online from a number of retailers, but their very large size they are most commonly sold through physical stores. They are available at Best Buy and Wal-Mart, but the vast majority of Bush corner desks are sold through office supply stores. Office Max and Office Depot are the primary retailers of Bush corner desks, and have the advantage of offering the latest models for display, so that potential customers may determine if the Bush corner desk meets their needs. Potential buyers should be aware that the Vanguard series has not changed in the past six years, and so older models are identical to newer ones. This means that regular sales of older Bush corner desks that are cluttering up inventory may be an excellent way for potential buyers to save money. Many of these stores offer the sale of Bush-brand furniture through the Internet with in-store pickup, eliminating the cost and hassle of shipping such a large item.

The quality construction of Bush products means that, when properly assembled, they last for years and are often available for sale on the secondary market. Many can be found at garage sales, bankruptcy clearings, or other sales. It is a good idea when purchasing a new or used model to try and obtain the assembly instructions so that the desk can be disassembled safely. Bush desks are designed to be taken apart for the purpose of moving them from place to place, but the removal of key screws in a specific order is necessary to prevent the desk from collapsing or the particle board from being damaged. Bush offers assembly and disassembly instruction manuals on their website, as well as through their customer support service.

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