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Da Lite Screens

Da Lite Screens in the Low-Cost, Low-Compromise Living Room Home Theater

There are few things quite as enjoyable as settling back into a comfortable chair to watch a movie, projected on a screen, just like at the movie theater. However, a home theater of this type frequently requires a dedicated room with total darkness. Because of this, most people settle for a flat panel wall-mounted television which is smaller than they would like. Thanks to ceiling mounted retractable Da Lite projector screens, home theater enthusiasts can have the best of both worlds.

For the price of a good quality 60” flat screen television, one can have a 90 to 100 inch projection home theater. To avoid the trade offs involved in having only a front projection system, one can also purchase a better-than-adequate 42” flat screen to go with the projector and screen, and still end up spending less than what one would spend just on the larger television.

Da Lite has been making projection screens for over 100 years for applications ranging from classrooms to movie theaters and performance venues. Their prowess in home theater applications is indicated by their partnership with renowned video producer Joe Kane. Even with their long history and high quality products, they still offer attractive pricing below many other home theater brands.

Da Lite projection screens also come in a number of different formats, sizes and fabric types. Although there are literally millions of combinations available, the lowest cost option for home theater applications would be a 92-inch Type B manual pull down screen in HDTV format with the upgraded High Contrast Matte White fabric.

Setting up a low-cost home theater requires simply ceiling mounting the projector across the room from the wall where the flat screen TV is mounted. Forward of that wall, one can simply mount a pull down Da Lite projector screen. During daylight hours or for casual viewing, one can simply watch the flat screen television. For movie watching when the room is darkened, one just needs to simply pull down the screen in front of the television and switch on the projector. After the movie, the screen can be rolled back up to be out of sight.

A configuration like this is an excellent way to have a full home theater experience without dedicating a large area of wall space for a fixed screen and without having to turn one’s living room into a cave. Thanks to the reduced cost of today’s LCD TVs and projectors, it is truly affordable to have one’s (video) cake while eating it, too. Happy viewing!

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