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English To Spanish Translation Services

Avoid Being Lost in Translation

Translating from one language to another using a computer program often returns oddly worded results at best and mistranslations in the worst case scenario. Proper translators know the use of idioms and slang in English and Spanish and the proper way to translate them so the phrases can be understood by the English speaker.

English to Spanish translation services provide the Spanish speaker or reader with an easy to understand version of the English words or phrases. Selecting a method for English-Spanish translation should involve a human translator rather than a computer program. Human translators are more likely to stay abreast of the newest additions in words and phrases added to both languages. This is extremely helpful for those who frequently speak in business jargon or make frequent use of figures of speech. Many English words and phrases cannot be directly translated as they are figures of speech which do not mean exactly what the words say. For instance saying that one is as “sick as a dog” does not mean that that person has grown fur and a tail, rather it means that he is feeling very ill.

To find a reliable translation service, consult a professional directory such as the one offered by the American Translators Association (http://www.atanet.org/onlinedirectories/individuals.php). These certified translators and interpreters have proven themselves to have a strong knowledge of the languages they translate between.

English to Spanish translation services should be available to the user for both written and spoken words. A translator who accompanies one on a trip to provide English Spanish translation should know the local area and any regional dialects of the town. Just as different words and phrases are used in various parts of the English-speaking world, the same is true of Spanish speaking nations. Phrases used in Northern Mexico might be unheard of in Guatemala or Spain. Selecting from among the English to Spanish translation services available which takes into account regional differences will keep you from becoming lost in translation.

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