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Att Internet Service

Guide to ATT Internet Services

ATT is a major provider of internet services including broadband and wireless internet. The company provides three basic levels of service: residential, small business and enterprise. ATT internet service is available throughout the United States.

Dial Up Internet Service
The cheapest ATT internet plan is the Dial Internet Service, which however is also the slowest type of internet experience. Access is unlimited and there is no term period for the service. The residential account offers a personalized homepage, the ability to create sub-accounts, and unlimited email storage space.

ATT Dial Internet Service requires a Pentium processor (266 MHz or higher), CD-Rom, 125 MB of free disk space, 64 MB of RAM and a standard VGA/SVGA video display when using the Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating systems. For MS Vista users, at 1 GB of RAM is recommended.

Apple Macintosh users must have the PowerPC processor, CD-Rom, 100 MB free disk space, 64 MB RAM, and standard VGA/SVGA with the Mac OS X v10.3 Panther OS. For the v.10.4 Tiger and above, at least 1 GB of RAM is recommended.

ATT is a leading provider of broadband DSL internet service. Four types of residential DSL services are available: DSL Basic, DSL Express, DSL Pro, and DSL Elite.

The DSL Basic service is the cheapest and will probably suit most customers. The other services provide higher downstream speeds for those who want to enjoy more of what broadband internet offers.

Small business DSL is designed to allow business owners to handle large software and file downloads easily, and to effectively use web collaboration systems. ATT offers different levels of small business services depending on specific requirements.

Enterprise DSL provides dedicated internet service for high-traffic usage. This ATT internet service is similar to, but cheaper than having one’s own TI connection. Included with this package are 20 hours of Business Internet Dial Service with each Business DSL line, an IP backbone with 192 coast-to-coast circuits, Voice over IP (VoIP), Premium Customer Care, and End-to-End Ordering.

ATT Wireless Internet
ATT offers wireless internet services including the ATT 3G Network, residential cell phone plans, the ATT Wi-Fi service, and the Small Business Cell Phone Plans.

With ATT wireless internet, you can access web and email while on the go using your laptop, cell phone or mobile device. The company’s 3G network is advertised as the fastest in the United States providing speeds up to 3G in seconds.

The company offers a wide range of plans for wireless internet with varying degrees of coverage. You can find more detailed information at ATT’s DSL and Wireless Internet Service webpage: http://www.corp.att.com/dsl/.

Easy upgrades from one service to another
ATT internet service users can easily upgrade from dial up service to DSL broadband services whether residential, small business or enterprise in nature.

As ATT is the nation’s leading provider of communication services, few companies offer as much flexibility with their internet and wireless plans. The specific offerings, however, will differ according to one’s geographic location.

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