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Sql Server Web Hosting

How to Choose and Use an SQL Server Web Hosting Service

If you’re wondering what to look for in SQL server web hosting and how to use the service to its best advantage, the following information should help.

A few factors to consider before selecting your host:


• Overall cost: How much is the monthly fee for the SQL server web hosting package you’re considering, and how well does it fit your budget?

• Added charges: Is there a setup fee, which would add to the overall cost?

• Cost-to-benefit ratio: Does the monthly fee or the monthly fee minus special promotional discount add up to a reasonable outlay for the features offered?

• Comparative cost: Is the fee higher or lower than similar packages offered by other reputable companies?

• Value: Are there reasons why a certain package or company is a better fit, even though it may be more expensive, making it worth the extra cost?


• Are you required to keep the service for a certain minimum period to receive a discount?

• Will such a commitment prove practical for you?

• Will the savings balance out the lack of freedom you might experience?

• Would an SQL server web hosting service that charges a little more but requires no commitment be worth the extra money?

• Does the web hosting SQL service provider offer a satisfaction guarantee that would give you an “out” if you were unhappy with the service?

Features/Services Offered

Does the web hosting SQL server provider offer the right services for your business’s size and needs? Are the following features included in the package?

• Sufficient disk space
• Sufficient web traffic capacity
• Sufficient number of databases
• License for sufficient number of users
• Additional helpful applications/utilities
• Upgrade options such as ASP SQL server hosting
• Good technical support

Once you’ve found the provider that offers the SQL server web hosting features you need at a cost you consider reasonable, you’ll want to be sure you make the most of the service. A few ways you can do this follow:

• Learn which SQL server edition suits you best.

Numerous editions are available, which target different users and different needs. Learn the features of each so you can determine which would be most suitable for your needs. This information is readily available online via a simple Google search.

• Learn the skills you need to maximize the effectiveness of your hosted database server.

Master SQL server data types so you can effectively set up your databases, avoiding problems later. Look for tutorials and other information on this critical topic on your web hosting SQL server provider’s website and elsewhere on the Internet.

• Consider later improvements/upgrades that can improve your website’s performance.

Graduating to ASP SQL server hosting when you’re ready could vastly improve your users’ experience when they visit your website. Dynamic web hosting adds an extra dimension to your website, customizing the data delivered to each individual user. Keep this in mind when choosing your web hosting SQL server and service provider. You may in fact decide to start with ASP SQL server hosting, rather than waiting until later, so you can enjoy its benefits right away.

A little research and forethought can help you make the wisest and most practical decisions on how to choose and use an SQL server web hosting service.

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