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Trade Show Supplies

How To Use Trade Show Supplies In Your Trade Show Booth Display

The trade show industry is very competitive today. All sizes of corporations, stores, and small business entities are participating in the industry-specific show events that are designed to draw new clientele towards your establishments. Colorful trade show booth display gear and business gift incentives are used to entice crowds towards exploring your important product-lines or services.

How to use trade show supplies in your trade show booth display:

At each trade show, the visiting consumers will roam large convention halls that are filled with an overwhelming amount of trade show booth displays. For businesses to succeed at these events, their event display must be eye-catching in a way that sets them apart from the other booths in their category. Many trade show booths are designed by professional advertising experts and interior designers. Show booths are also successfully designed by nonprofessionals with tiny budgets, good taste, and common sense.

Trade Show Pop-Up Walls:

At the trade show, booth display locations are normally square-shaped with a table provided. It is up to the individual businesses to create their three walls and to provide decorations for their table. The pop-up freestanding walls are often ordered through specialized stores that carry high-quality trade show supplies. There are various printed or plain wall styles available in all types of price ranges. Walls can be printed with corporation logos or company names to highlight the business that is doing the display.

Table Covers and Display Stands:

Table covers, skirts, throws, or runners are printed to match the pop-up freestanding trade show walls that are ordered for your booth. Once the walls and table are covered in a matching theme, the trade show booth is ready to be decorated with flags, banners, or display racks that exhibit the important product-line or service features, safety information, and samples. Folding tabletop stands, standing brochure racks, and table-end flag holders are all available from the larger trade show supplies outlets.


Some trade show participants opt to decorate their booths with mounted television or video screens, specialized lighting, or movie projectors and sound. There are two schools of thought involved in using these styles of helpmates. Some believe that customers are lost while the recorded business presentations are playing if the customer has not arrived at the booth in time to see the beginning of the recorded announcements. Others believe that technology must be present in trade show booths to indicate a modern business.

The trade show supplies catalogs offer sturdy raised television monitor stands, display walls that can double as high-quality video screens, and all types of specialized lighting fixtures that are attached to the pop-up walls, display table, or floor area inside of the trade show booths. It is also possible to fashion some unique looking eye-catchers from the garden variety of whirligigs, small children’s kites, and other motion sensitive objects that do not require electricity to operate.

Business Gifts:

Today, every category of consumer item can be printed or embroidered with your corporation logo, company name, or product slogan or image. These trade show supplies can be used to create a stunning booth display that holds a lot of eye-appeal. Colorful free business gifts can act to advertise your booth location to everybody at the show. Later, these free printed gift items are taken home where others will see your important advertising words.

To have success with any giveaway project, the consumers must want the gifts that you are offering. If everybody at the trade show is handing out advertising pens or travel mugs, it is wise to be prepared to distribute logo printed boomerangs, magnetic picture frames, or interesting ad printed sports equipment instead. The unique looking trade show booth displays with the interesting giveaway items will always be the business that the show attendees remember the best.

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