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Email Fax Service

What is an email fax service?

Email fax services are essential for bridging the business world of yesterday with that of today. Technologies are rarely adopted or dropped overnight. Email and fax are nothing different in these regards, as companies to this day continue to make use of both at the same time. You may have customers that are on the bleeding edge of technology, but some may still cling to their Luddite ways. For advanced customers employing e-signature technologies, you can make use of email for almost every document imaginable. For those still living in the past, traditional faxing technology is unfortunately still a requirement.

Your business can adapt to both new and old ways through use of an email fax service. With an email fax service, you can take advantage of sending and receiving faxes without expensive fax hardware and monthly land-line telephone subscription fees. With an email fax service, you pay a low monthly fee to receive incoming faxes through a private or shared telephone number. To the sender, the phone number looks like an ordinary fax number. To you, however, this number is much more (and much less) than an ordinary fax number. All faxes sent to this number are automatically routed to your email. It’s like having a virtual secretary scanning all of your faxes and emailing them to you within seconds of receiving them.

Fax services take advantage of email technology on the sending side as well. When it comes time to send a fax to a valued customer still living in the dark ages, you simply send your document to a “virtual fax machine” instead of a real printer. The email fax service usually provides you with special driver software that emulates the operations of a physical printer. Instead of printing onto real paper, however, the virtual fax machine routes your document to the recipient’s fax number via the Internet.

Fax services that route faxes to your email box have numerous advantages. Over time, they can be much cheaper than purchasing and maintaining a real fax machine. The monthly subscription fees are generally cheaper than paying for a land-line telephone and any long-distance telephone charges that come with it. The benefits an email fax service provides are completely portable as well. This means that, unlike using a traditional fax machine, you can send and receive faxes with your notebook computer wherever you travel. Fax quality is often significantly better using an email fax service than it is with a standard fax machine. With an email fax service, you no longer have to fumble around with single copies of low-quality faxes printed on waxy thermal paper rolls. You no longer have to pay ridiculous fax fees at hotels and airport kiosks. You can take all of your faxes with you in your email. Perhaps more importantly, they allow you to stay on the cutting edge of technology even though your important customers may not yet be quite up to speed.

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