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Secured Business Credit Card

Repairing a Company's Financial Reputation with a Secured Business Credit Card

Due to fluctuating interest rates, the global money supply changes on a daily basis. Prices rise and fall when currency values shift. As a result, the typical consumer needs to take out loans in order to make expensive purchases. However, the same is true for most small businesses. Consumers demand additional products and services from corporations as new needs and interests emerge. With available credit, companies can make the necessary adjustments to keep their customers satisfied.

However, a small business owner may have a poor credit rating. Also, a specific company might have filed for bankruptcy protection in the past. Unexpected economic events sometimes ruin the reputations of otherwise reliable organizations. Luckily, a small business owner can work to improve a company’s credit rating by using a secured business credit card for various purchases. Lenders provide these specialized financial products for entrepreneurs with credit problems.

Secured Versus Unsecured

Some people are unaware of the differences between secured and unsecured credit instruments. In a general sense, lenders offer secured loans to riskier borrowers. However, the creditor can mitigate risk by requiring the borrower to pledge an asset as collateral against the loan. In the event of a default, the lender would take possession of the promised collateral. Most secured business credit card offers require borrowers to deposit a specified amount of money. Unsecured loans are issued without any form of collateral. As they are riskier than secured alternatives, banks may refuse to issue unsecured loans to certain types of people or organizations.

Since secured cards are designed for companies or entrepreneurs with poor credit, cardholders are usually required to pay higher interest rates. In some rare cases, creditors may offer unsecured cards with unfavorable interest rates to individuals with bad credit ratings. However, banks and credit card companies typically charge higher interest rates for secured business credit cards to compensate for the recipient’s risky financial history.

Most credit card companies and commercial banks provide these secured credit lines. After submitting appropriate collateral, the cardholder is free to make purchases. Essentially, a secured business credit card works like any other credit line once the account is in good standing. While the cardholder may have to pay pricey application fees or maintain a minimum balance in a special savings account, the card can be used wherever major credit cards are accepted.

Rebuilding Your Good Name with a Secured Business Credit Card

While credit woes can stunt the growth of any small business, secured credit card offers provide a viable path to fiscal recovery. Essentially, a business owner can use existing revenues as collateral to form a relationship with a new lender. In most cases, the credit card company will ask the corporation’s representative to deposit funds in an account. The borrower’s credit limit may match the amount of money deposited.

After acquiring a secured business credit card, the company is free to use it for daily expenses. As these small loans are retired, creditworthiness improves. Over time, a savvy entrepreneur might take advantage of this phenomenon to establish an excellent credit rating. Investors are more likely to offer serious capital to a company with a reputation for fiscal responsibility.

Innovative Financial Products Help Entrepreneurs Create Jobs

Business owners run into financial problems on occasion. Untold risks face the brave individuals that seek to start new initiatives. When their plans succeed, jobs are created. New businesses provide necessary products and services to the general public. While credit card companies understand the importance of entrepreneurship, steps must be taken to reduce the risks faced by lenders. Without mitigating losses, creditors might fall into bankruptcy when borrowers default. However, lenders realize that some individuals face credit problems after commercial initiatives fail. With a secured business credit card, any entrepreneur can rebuild his or her financial reputation.

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