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Laser Photo Printer

How To Choose The Right Laser Photo Printer For You

Digital cameras have made it easier than ever for the everyday person to snap professional quality photos, especially when every cell phone these days is a smartphone that comes equipped with its own built-in digital camera. Likewise laser photo printers have made it easier than ever for the everyday person to become an amateur photographer capable of developing their own snapshots into professional quality prints that they can frame, insert into albums, and share with their family and friends.

The considerable drop in price that came as a consequence of such variety and competition in printer manufacturers and sellers has put the consumer in the driver seat when it comes to demanding the best quality laser photo printers for the most competitive prices. So when every printer maker and dealer is competing on price, how is a frugal and educated consumer to decide which laser photo printer to buy?

Cost vs. Quality

It isn’t that all expensive laser photo printers are the best in class and all the cheapest are the worst in class, but it’s somewhat like that. The inexpensive laser photo printers usually factor in some sort of sacrifice in the bargain, and if it’s not photo quality then it might very well be hardware quality. It could be much more economical to spend more on a laser photo printer that will last you longer than to save a little now and have to spend a lot more sooner than later to replace a broken machine.

Color Laser Photo Printer Or Black And White

One obvious but oft-overlooked consideration when comparing laser photo printers is asking yourself whether or not you plan on printing color pictures or black and white only. If you’re planning on printing color pictures you’re obviously going to want to make sure that you’re looking at color laser photo printers only. But if you really don’t think you’ll be making many color photo prints then consider a quality black and white laser photo printer for your everyday needs and an online color digital photo printing service for your infrequent color photo printing needs.

Laser Photo Printer Features: Is It Just A Printer Or An All-In-One?

Another careful consideration to make is what else you might want your laser photo printer to do for you? Some printers double as copiers and/or scanners, while on others you can even send and receive faxes.

Of course, an all-in-one laser photo printer (as these combination laser photo printer/copier/scanner/fax machines are called), while they’re convenient and offer all the features of multiple machines in a single unit, can also require more frequent maintenance and repair.

Try Before You Buy

If at all possible, you should avoid purchasing any laser photo printer without first testing it out in the store. On the other hand, if you’re planning on buying your laser photo printer online, then at least be clear on the return policy or any money-back guarantee that comes with the purchase.

The Bottom Line On Choosing The Right Laser Photo Printer For You

If you think you’ll be using your printer solely for photo printing, then look for the highest quality laser photo printer that you can find. However, if you are looking for a laser photo printer that will also serve as a fax machine, copier, and scanner, then look for the best all-in-one unit. Just keep in mind that if you go the latter route, you may sacrifice some photo printing quality in the trade off.

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