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Dedicated Windows Hosting

What is Dedicated Windows Hosting?

Dedicated Windows hosting is a hosting option for websites especially those that will be using Microsoft web editing software like Microsoft Expression Web and Sharepoint Designer. With this type of hosting, dedicated Microsoft Windows servers are used to store your pages and databases, and to serve your pages over the internet.

Companies offering dedicated Windows server hosting should be certified by Microsoft to ensure clients of their competency in the technology. The highest level of Microsoft certification for Windows hosting partners is the Microsoft Gold Certification. In order to achieve this level of certification, partners must demonstrate the highest level of technical competence, and must also work closely with Microsoft on a regular basis.

Dedicated hosting differs from other hosting options in that the server hardware is used specifically and exclusively for a single client. With other options, clients share the same server, or share partitions of the server as with virtual dedicated hosting.

When sharing a server, clients will naturally be limited as to the amount of storage space and server traffic they are allowed. They also are not permitted to overly use the server’s CPU as not to slow down the system for all other users of the server.

With dedicated Windows hosting, the client has the entire server reserved for their own use, so they can utilize the full range of the server’s capabilities. For this reason, businesses, organizations, and other clients that experience or expect high traffic, or that use processor intensive software will prefer or require dedicated server hosting.

Among the important factors to consider when shopping for dedicated Windows hosting are the processor speed and type, storage space, RAM memory, and bandwidth.

Fast XEON and Itanium processors will have speeds of 2 GHz or higher. You can choose from dual core or the more capable quad core processors. Generally speaking Intel processors are considered the best in the industry.

RAM memory is the amount of flash memory that is available that allows the computer to process data quickly and smoothly. When the RAM memory is nearly exhausted, the server must start using memory from the hard disk, which slows things down considerably. Most servers will have at least 1 GB of RAM, while higher end servers will have 4 GB RAM or more.

Hard drive space is important especially if your site will require large databases. For example, if you plan to run a forum in which messages are archived, storage space requirements can increase rapidly on an active web site. One should forecast storage needs well ahead so that the need for server upgrades or migration is kept to a minimum.

In considering bandwidth requirements for dedicated hosting, Windows servers should provide around 1 TB of monthly bandwidth or more to meet the needs of the average client looking for this option.

Some other important considerations for dedicated Windows hosting include security and encryption (including firewall), data backup, and operating system and software options. Services like security may or may not be managed.

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