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Holiday Business Cards

Choosing Holiday Business Cards

Companies have many ways of increasing the goodwill of patrons beyond good customer service. By steadily keeping their name in the eyes of their current patrons, companies encourage repeat business and generally improve people’s feelings about the firm.

Holiday business cards are one of the best ways to both remind customers of a company’s existence as well as to associate the company name with a warm feeling. These cards can be bought with a pre-printed message, a customized greeting, or even blank inside other than the company name. There are also several motifs available. Most are fairly generic in terms of motif, but it is possible for a business to get pretty much any design it desires if they’re willing to look around.

Ordering holiday business cards is a simple process thanks to online printers like VistaPrint, CardsDirect, ExecutiveGreetingCards, and others. At sites like these, all a person needs to do is choose the design they want from the selection presented, and click a button to start the customization process. A wizard will make it easy to enter a custom message for the inside of the card and choose the fonts and colors it’s printed in. For some cards, it’s also possible to customize the layout and put a message on the back of the envelope.

Choosing the proper design is easy if you consider your clientele’s interests and the time of year the cards are going to be sent. Season-appropriate designs that don’t reference specific holidays are always good, so if your customers have varied interests, these are the best bet. The exceptions are New Year’s and birthdays, which are almost universally celebrated.

For those who know specifics about their client base, the closer you can get to their interests the better. For example, sports fans will enjoy sport motifs, and environmentalists will surely enjoy nature scenes. Cards referencing specific religions are to be avoided unless the business sending them out can be absolutely sure that their clients are all of the same faith.

Businesses have to be careful when choosing messages, as well. While a generic message doesn’t have much of a personal touch, it is needed when mass-mailing holiday business cards. Rather than guessing at what clients may consider good go for generic but definitely-inoffensive messaging. A simple “Happy Holidays from all of us at Company Name, and thanks for your business during the past year” or something similar will do nicely – of course, replacing the “Company Name” with your company’s actual name. For a way to use holiday business cards to help get an immediate increase in sales, companies can add coupons or other such deals to their message.

If you’re a salesperson, business owner, or someone in charge of promoting a company’s image, give holiday business cards a good look. There’s sure to be some that are perfect for both your company and your clients, it’s easy to send them out, and the fact that you sent a card will be remembered favorably the next time those clients are deciding who to do business with.

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