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Color Laser Printer Scanner

How To Shop For A Color Laser Printer Scanner

In order for any business to stay competitive in today’s world, it’s going to need a color laser printer scanner. In most cases, it will also need copying and fax functions. When many people hear the term ‘color laser printer scanner,’ they think it refers to a type of printer model that offers only printing and scanning. That would make sense, but a color laser printer scanner solely capable of printer and scanning doesn’t exist. This is good news for the consumer because there is no need to pay more for less. For instance, many printer-function-only printers with special features cost more than multifunction color laser printers. These special features are often designed for specific needs, such as for photographers, businesses in need of a3 and a4-size prints, and scrap-booking. Most business offices will not require such features. Therefore, it pays to spend less and receive more.

The Samsung SCX-4725FN Network Laser Multifunction Printer, Copier, Fax, Color Scanner is an example of a machine that takes care of everything in one place. The cost is also more than fair. New units range from between $258 and $320. As far as quality goes, print resolution will reach as high as 1200 × 1200 dots per inch. This isn’t overly impressive. However, the print resolution on the scanner is very impressive. It can reach as high as 4800 × 4800 dots per inch. For speed, the SCX-4725FN can print up to 24 pages per minute for both black and color. The copier can have the first copy out in 10 seconds, which is about average compared to other models. The copier also has a zoom and shrink feature, which is difficult to find. The SCX-4725FN supports the following interfaces: USB, FireWire, and Ethernet 10/100 Base TX. It’s also one of the few color laser printers on the market that can fax directly from a PC. An even more impressive feature is Toner Save Mode, which can reduce toner consumption by as much as 30%. This will help save money, time, and stress.

If you’re someone who’s constantly traveling for business purposes, you’re going to need a portable printer scanner. Since a portable color laser printer scanner is not available, this will be your best option. You will still receive color prints, and while the text might not be laser quality, it will still be smudge-free and reliable. The top portable printer scanner on the market is the Canon BJC-85. The text on this model is sharp and and the color is perfect for charts, graphs, and photos. Print resolution on the BJC-85 can reach as high as 720 × 360 dots per inch. This might not sound impressive at first, but it’s actually excellent for any type of portable printer. For speed, it can print up to 5 pages per minute, which is also high for any portable printer. The BJC-85 has IrDA technology, which means you will be able to print wirelessly from any laptop or handheld device. For scanning, purchase the optional IS-12 scanner cartridge. The BJC-85 portable printer scanner can be found for as low as $130.

When you do a search for a color laser printer scanner, you will be taken to a list of expensive multifunction office printers. Everything you need is available with the SCX-4725FN, and for much less. If you’re in need of something portable, the BJC-85 has been listed here because it’s the best portable printer scanner on the market.

Overall, machines listed as color laser printer scanners will offer more in the way of quality text than inkjet printers. They will also provide sharper detail for color graphs and charts. However, they are not necessarily the best option for photo prints (if in need of photo prints, look into the Canon PIXMA series). Color laser printer scanners often have upgraded basic features opposed to specialized features. They are best suited for those in need of high quality text and color on a regular basis.

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