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Toll Free Conference Call

Setting up Toll Free Conference Calls

Conference calling offers a broad spectrum of possibilities. Instead of lengthy, confusing e-mails conversations that stretch for days and weeks, one toll free conference call brings clarity to any group discussion leading to decisive action. With numerous options for toll free conference calling, a plan that fits the purpose of any group can be obtained from one-time events to annual contracts.

Types of Services

The Internet offers a variety of services for toll free conference calls. The two most common models for toll free conference calls involve conference attendees paying customary charges through their individual carriers or the conference administrator paying a per minute fee or purchasing a package through the conference provider. The latter system qualifies as a toll free conference call.

Toll free conference calls are normally billed through a single administrator. Several options exist for setting up a plan. Contacting a toll free conference call company, the administrator can set up a monthly plan based on the number of callers expected and the estimated time. Note that the total time calculated will include the combined minutes of all the callers. For example, a company might offer a “premium” service for so many cents per minute. The administrator must take into account that the charge is per minute per caller. Therefore, a call with five individuals at ten cents per minute for one hour would total $30, plus any additional fees. Setting up a monthly plan based on expected usage can help reduce some costs.

Selecting a Company

Before settling on one company, do your homework to determine whether or not that company will sufficiently meet your needs in several areas:

• Security
• Clarity
• Basic services
• Customer service/help lines

Knowing that the information communicated during toll free conference calls will be protected is essential to you and your clients. Make sure the toll free conference call center maintains a solid security record. Checking whether or not calls are recorded by default is a good way to determine this. By law, toll free conference call companies may not record calls unless you request that this be done. That function, if available, must be selected by the administrator setting up the toll free conference call.

Read the customer reviews and company disclaimers regarding background noise, buzzing sounds, and general clarity of calls. Normally, companies with discounted prices will have less quality. Because of this, they request that landlines be the primary source of communication from all parties on the call.

Many toll free conference call companies provide excellent basic service packages. These include free recording (including the ability to download), Internet management tools, editing tools and scheduling helps. Sometimes the service may include a program to share desktop information with participants. Internet conferencing also is becoming more popular and accessible.

Finally, make sure the toll free conference call company provides excellent customer service. Being stuck in the middle of a call with major problems and no help places the administrator in a bad situation.

Setting Up

Once a company is chosen, setting up toll free conference calls is quite easy. The company provides the administrator with a phone number and a security pin number. The administrator may then send out invitations and reminders to the participants. At the designated time, the participants call in and are immediately connected. Before the call, be sure to check out the control shortcuts to managing the call (muting, recording, disconnecting, etc.).

Toll free conference calling is an excellent means to communicating vital information in a timely, achievable manner. Today’s technology makes it easy for any group, regardless of budget, area of the world, or other limitations, to have hassle-free conference calls at anytime.

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