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Lemme Outa Here! at Comixjoint.com
… late 1940s to the '60s. Diane Noomin, who edited the book and… and wanting to escape that." Noomin's husband Bill Griffith opens… her instead of at her. Diane Noomin's signature character DiDi Glitz…-23 Justin Green - 24-25 Diane Noomin - 26-34 Mark Beyer - …
Feminist Undergrounds and Alternatives
…. I think Aline Kominsky and Diane Noomin were a great team in… enjoyed that comic. I love Diane Noomin's Didi Glitz, and Aline…
Short Order Comix #2 at Comixjoint.com
…, Willy Murphy, Rory Hayes and Diane Noomin to add their contributions. The…-23 Rory Hayes - 32-33 Diane Noomin - 34 Jay Lynch - 34 (ad…
Zippy Stories at Comixjoint.com
… Coneheads. Griffith and his wife Diane Noomin have attempted to develop Zippy…
Heroine at Comixjoint.com
… like Trina Robbins, Aline Kominsky, Diane Noomin, Lee Marrs, Barbara "Willy" Mendes…
Power Pak Comics at Comixjoint.com
… 1976 she paired up with Diane Noomin to launch the influential Twisted…
El Perfecto Comics 1st Printing at Comixjoint.com
… Richards - 14 Gilbert Shelton - 15 Diane Noomin - 16 Trina Robbins - 17 Berkeley…
Sacred and Profane at Comixjoint.com
…) Aline Kominsky - 42 (shared, ad) Diane Noomin - 42 (shared, ad) About Comixjoint…
Zippy Stories #1 1st Printing at Comixjoint.com
… delightful jam with his wife Diane Noomin (like Griffith, a Brooklyn native…
Zippy Stories #1 sample page 2 at Comixjoint.com
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