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John A. Williams (John Alfred Williams) Biography

(1925– ), (John Alfred Williams), The Angry Ones, Night Song, Sissie, Journey out of Anger

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American novelist, born in Jackson, Mississippi, educated at Syracuse University, New York. Williams's novels are notable for their political dissection of American society in terms of the African-American experience; their dominant tone is suggested by the title of his first novel, The Angry Ones (1960). In Night Song (1961), a jazz musician employs his art to combat racial injustice. In Sissie (1963; UK title Journey out of Anger, 1968) an increasing political militancy is displayed which was sustained in novels such as The Man Who Cried I Am (1967), Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light (1969), and Captain Blackman (1972). His later work, in which the accent is more on the richness of African-American culture, includes the novels Mothersill and the Foxes (1975), The Junior Bachelor Society (1976), ! Click Song (1982), The Berhama Account (1985), and Jacob's Ladder (1987). His other books include Africa: Her History, Lands, and People (1962), This Is My Country, Too (1965), The Most Native of Sons: A Biography of Richard Wright (1970), The King God Didn't Save: Reflections on the Life and Death of Martin Luther King, Jr (1970), Flashbacks: A Twenty-Year Diary of Article Writing (1972), Minorities in the City (1975), and Flashbacks 2: A Diary of Article Writing (1991). With Dennis A. Williams, he has written If I Stop Laughing I'll Die: The Comedy and Tragedy of Richard Pryor (1991). He is the editor with Gilbert H. Muller, of Bridges: Literature Across Cultures (1993), an anthology of American writing. See Gilbert H. Muller, John A. Williams (1984).

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