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Ania Walwicz Biography

(1951– ), Writing, Travel/Writing, Boat, Red Roses, Girlboytalk, Dissecting Mice, Elegant

include writing australian

Australian poet and play-wright, born in Swidnica, Poland, she emigrated to Australia in 1963 and was educated at Melbourne's Victorian College of Arts and the University. She has been a writer-in-residence at Australian universities and is well-known for performances of her work. She is widely admired for her highly experimental poetry, which rejects the conventional structures of free-verse in favour of the prose-poem form, but creates energetic rhythms through patterns of grammatical and tonal recurrence. Walwicz's principal collections include Writing (1982), re-issued as Travel/Writing in 1989, Boat (1989), and Red Roses (1992). Her theatrical pieces include Girlboytalk (1986), Dissecting Mice (1989), and Elegant (1990).

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over 4 years ago

I had read a blog of Ania Walwicz regarding Travel. And I was so inspired that i had to go many tourist places.