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Brian M. Stableford (Brian Michael Stableford) Biography

(1948– ), (Brian Michael Stableford), Cradle of the Sun, Man in a Cage, The Realms of Tartarus

science nature

British science fictionwriter and sociologist, born in Shipley, Yorkshire, educated at the University of York. His first novel, Cradle of the Sun (1969), was followed by many others which develop a not entirely unmerited reputation for misanthropic levity. Some novels of the 1970s, such as Man in a Cage (1975), The Realms of Tartarus (1977), and The Walking Shadow (1979), are more contemplative in tone. The Empire of Fear (1988) is an alternative history of a Europe dominated by benign vampires. A later trilogy comprising The Werewolves of London (1990), The Angel of Pain (1991), and The Carnival of Destruction (1994) is a philosophical examination of the nature of reality. His critical works in science fiction have been acute, and Scientific Romance in Britain (1985) offers a deceptively quiet, revisionist analysis of the true nature of the genre.

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