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Jeremy Seabrook Biography

(1939– ), Life Price, New Society, Guardian, The Unprivileged

social northampton educated

British writer and journalist, born in Northampton, educated at Northampton Grammar School and Cambridge University. He has worked as a teacher and a social worker, written a play (Life Price, 1969, with Michael O'Neill), and contributed frequently to New Society, the Guardian, and other periodicals, on social, political, and ecological issues. His books include The Unprivileged (1967), a sympathetic account of working-class culture, and What Went Wrong: Working People and the Ideals of the Labour Movement (1978). His autobiographical Mother and Son (1979) is a vivid evocation of his own childhood as a twin in a single-parent family and a classic description of the social problems and intellectual successes of a post-war generation of state-educated children. His work combines a concern with the nature and causes of poverty and unusual delicacy of observation.

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