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a literary and political periodical begun in 1970 by Ned Thomas, who remained its editor until 1990. During the 1970s its cultural perspective was determined by its prevailing concern with Welsh nationalism, which extended to an active interest in the affairs of other European linguistic minorities. The magazine's campaigns, which repeatedly made it the subject of controversy, included support for broadcasting in Welsh and the formation of separate legislatures for Wales and Scotland. Among the contributors of articles were Dannie Abse, John Wain, Anthony Cronin, Iain Crichtor Smith, and Edwin Morgan, who was the principal Scottish correspondent. Work by R. S. Thomas, Leslie Norris, John Tripp, John Ormond, and other Anglo-Welsh (see Anglo-Welsh Poetry) poets and short-story writers was regularly featured. In 1979 Planet closed after its fiftieth issue; publication was resumed in 1985, since when it has appeared every two months. While its interest in various aspects of the Welsh national identity remains pronounced, it has emerged as a forum of wide-ranging commentary on literary, socio-cultural, and ecological matters. Robert Minhinnick, Jan Morris, Sheenagh Pugh, and Les Murray are among the writers who have contributed articles and essays, while the poets featured have included Gillian Clarke, Lauris Edmond, George Mackay Brown, and Pablo Neruda.

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