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Lenrie Peters (Lenrie Wilfred Leopold Peters) Biography

(1932– ), (Lenrie Wilfred Leopold Peters), Poems, Satellites, Katchikali, Selected Poems, The Second Round

poems surgeon gambia verse

Gambian poet, born in Bathurst, Gambia; he studied medicine at Trinity College, Cambridge, and worked as a surgeon at Northampton General Hospital before returning to Gambia in 1969 to practise at Banjul. Poems (1964), his first collection of verse, was followed by Satellites (1967) and Katchikali (1971); Selected Poems appeared in 1981. Much of his verse is notable for the urbane detachment with which it conducts its incisive meditations on a wide range of social and cultural themes, often with reference to contemporary conditions in Africa. Many of his metaphors and images are drawn from his experiences as a surgeon, which are also the basis for numerous moving poems about mortality. His novel The Second Round (1965) deals with the return of a doctor from Europe to his native Sierra Leone, where he is confronted by the unreality of his sense of belonging.

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