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The Realist Writer, Overland

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an Australian journal, the motto of which is ‘Temper democratic, bias Australian’ (Joseph Furphy). After the failure of The Realist Writer in 1954, Stephen Murray-Smith, its editor, immediately reconstituted it under the title Overland. In 1956 many Australian communists were disillusioned by Russia's handling of the uprising in Hungary, among them Murray-Smith, who subsequently left the Party in 1958. By 1962, Overland seemed to have moved almost completely away from the early commitment to nationalism and social realism, seeing new directions for Australian arts in the work of Patrick White and Randolph Stow, and Albert Tucker and Sydney Nolan. As well as stories, poems, graphics, and book reviews, there are features on literary figures of Europe, America, South America, and other countries, together with regular articles surveying current trends in poetry and prose.

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