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New Worlds

New Worlds

appeared fiction moorcock magazine

a science fiction magazine founded in 1946. For many years, under the editorship of Ted Carnell, it was the only influential British journal in its field. After 1964, when M. Moorcock became editor, New Worlds was slowly transformed into one of the most challenging fiction magazines of the 1960s. It became controversial through its promoting of ‘New Wave’ or experimental fiction. J. G. Ballard, B. W. Aldiss, T. M. Disch, and J. T. Sladek were among those whose most vigorous and searching work appeared in the magazine. In about 1970, after the W. H. Smith bookselling chain refused to stock the journal, and after Moorcock resigned to concentrate on his own work, the magazine ceased to command a large audience. In the early 1970s some further issues appeared in quarterly format, but publication was intermittent and the last numbers appeared in 1979. In 1991, with Moorcock's co-operation, New Worlds once again appeared, this time as a serial anthology.

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